Homegrown 1973
Mission Beach Boogie - Bud Lang
Dago From Diego - Country Dick and City Slick
Encanto Rag - Bootleg
Funky Santee - Hebadia Blues Band
South Bay - Silver Tooth And Wolf
Spring Valley Sally - Montezumaís Revenge
Chula Vista - Rose and the Arrangement
Clairemont Mesa - Gary Hyde and Spangles
Back to El Cajon Boulevard - Steve Black
City Limit Blues - Mike Hansen and Brad Ramsey
La Jolla Sunset - Ron Mayer and Gary Mercado
So Long San Diego - Island
Homegrown II 1974
Soledad Cross - Crockett
Black's Beach - Island
Springtime in Laguna - Ron Mayer and Gary Mercado
Lemon Grove - Allen Linrvedt and the 60/40 Band
The Last One in La Jolla - Gary Hyde
Lakeside Lady - Ravenloft
Where is San Diego - Listen
Two Years Before the Mast - Reef Cody
Jamul Highway - Aragon
Out of Town Song - Mark Neynaber and Larry Clark
Going Back to Clairemont - Carey Fox
Itchy Feet - Peter Filacio
Homegrown III 1975
Song For Everybody - Ron Mayer
San Diego Dance - People Movers
Summer Again - Rusty Jones
Gypsies from Bonsall - The Weirs
Mission Bay - Mutt
S.D.S.U - Barry Fox
O.B. Bop - Carey Fox
For the Rest of My Life - Sierra Band
San Diego - Punk
Zoo Song - Horsefeathers
Final Stand - Steven Shipps
City of Love - Listen
Homegrown IV 1976
Singing Celebration - Don Auten
Singing My Way to San Diego - Bill Kaplan
Leucadia - Diana Monzeglio and Sara Ecke
Alonzo F. Horton Rag - Hunt'n Peck
Toll Bridge Refugee - Island
Light of the City - John Slowiczek, Ron Satterfield and Jan Tober
Never Walk Away - Listen
I Can See the Point - Pete Filacio and the Fantasy Band
Sunnyside Sadie - James Francis Lamont
Logan Avenue Blues - Ted Picou and Good News
Logan Heights - Pillars of Society
Rollin' Home - Southbound
Homegrown V 1977
My Home in La Jolla - Steve Shepherd
Can't Go Back to Cardiff - Gary Hyde, Marc Intravaia and Tom Boyd
The Queen of Rancho Sante Fe Earthquake - Blue Wind
Forever Flying - Mojave
The City of Motion - Rick Telli
Pretty Senorita - The Bowen Jenkins Band
Spring Valley Lady - Valerie Foremost
North County Breakdown - Squatter's Last Rites
A Bag of Avocados and a Bottle of Wine - Gary Naramore and Friends
Encinitas Ain't Cheap No More - Ash Underwood and Myrtie Diesel
El Cajon Unemployment Blues - Eazy
San Diego Smiles - Brad Cahil
Homegrown VI 1978
Intro/The KGB Chicken - Garry Narramore and the KGB Chicken
This Boulevard - Bowen-Jenkins Band
Jazz in La Jolla - Tim Dicker and Our In-House Jazz Band
On The Wind of Torrey Pines - Melissa McCracken
Nearth the Vista Sky - Friends
Good to Me - Smith-Hubbard and Associates
Stones Throw From Mexico - Line Drive
Loose in the Country -Wild in the Road - Ash
San Diego County Blues - Kim Gage and Our In-House Blues Band
Full Moon on Bacon Street - Hoodlum Priest
East San Diego - Ronny Ruff and the Respectables
Just South of Mission Bay - Dan Crowell and the Getaway
Homegrown VII 1979
On San Diegoís Shore - CJ Hutton
Soledad Mountain - Rusty Jones and Hoodlum Priest
Blown Away - James-Bruce Band
Why Did You Go - Bonnie and Clyde
Take Me Away - Ronnie Ruff and the Respectables
5th and Bop - The Penetrators
Tribute to the Old Globe - Thanxs
Loviní Friends - Steven Vaus
Native Stranger - Maudie K. and the Converts
Borrego - Foxworthy and the Roaring Lyon Band
Julian - Melissa McCracken
Two More Pitchers to Go - Ash Underwood and Mryle Diesel
Homegrown 1983
Youíll Be Sorry - Blitz Brothers
Dangerous - Four Eyes
Cannonball - Moving Targets
Donít Panic - Frank Grubbs
You Lost and Gold Mine - Beat Farmers
Lost Boy - Dirk Debonaire
Victim - Victim
Saturday at 3:00 p.m. - Darius and the Magnets
The Boys Go Home - Marty Eldridge
Spend the Night Mary - CJ Hutton
Rapid World - Average Citizen
Fried Chicken - Modern Rhythm